Saturday Showcase: Adornment

a.  Tinned Copper Cyberpunk Bracelet, by Catherinette Rings:  with labradorite and metal beads.

b.  Drop Forged and Oxidized Pendant, by Wabibrook Studios:  That moment of suspense waiting for a drop of water to fall.  Copper wire is heated, hand-formed, hammered, textured and oxidized.

c.  Royal Keys Necklace, by Poetic Designs:  This stunning necklace features a ring of Medieval style ornate brass keys adorned with regal lion and crystal round.

d.  Sun from the Heart, Sterling Silver Necklace, by SkinzNhydez:  10 Sterling silver rays hang from this leather cord and connected in the back by a handmade silver clasp. Separating the sun rays are circular silver pieces.

3 Responses to Saturday Showcase: Adornment

  1. Julie Brown says:

    Thanks for featuring my “Drop” pendant in your Showcase! The other pieces are beautiful! I’m off to check them out…

  2. Beth says:

    My pleasure Julie! Your necklace is fantastic!

  3. Diana Evans says:

    oh wow…these are truly art pieces you can wear! wonderful finds Beth!!!

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