Awesome Needle Felted Mushrooms from McBride House


Hoo-boy.  I need these gorgeous needle felted mushrooms from McBride House almost more than I need to breathe.  I almost had heart palpitations when I came across them…small, soft and fuzzy mushrooms.  My favourite motif ever.  and they’re even Gnome Homes, no less!

I read this quote once that “Life is too short to stuff a mushroom”. Well… true… but I’ve always thought what if your a gnome and a mushroom is your home! I have never actually seen a red with white spotted mushroom, but they seem so insanely whimsical that I just had to add a little door and two tiny potted plants on either side for my little gnome. The other two mushrooms are still waiting occupancy so they don’t actually have any doors. I think perhaps the other gnomes think they are too small to be comfortable! You know those gnomes are picky little things!

So awesome!  Seriously, serious awesome.  I’m totally in love!

One Response to Awesome Needle Felted Mushrooms from McBride House

  1. Thank you so much Beth! Not only for the feature but your extremely kind words! I have to say I am in love with them too and it will be hard to let them go!

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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