Win a Wicked Monster Pouch from Zom-B!


Okay folks, this is our last contest until September, and it’s a really fun one!!!

Meet Steph from Zom-b:  Zom-b was founded in December of 2006 when arriving at a small family party, it was impossible not to notice that three of the twenty guests were wearing the same grey, dull, and uninspiring sweater. The three guests turned into zombies almost immediately.

I have to say that I really, really love Steph’s work, but in particular, I’m absolutely in love with all her fantastic little monster pouches!

This week Steph is giving away a great monster pouch named Earl!  Value of  $13.00 USD


About this prize:

Earl is a music geek – although he owns an mp3 player still he prefers CDs and vinyls! His favorite place to relax is propped up against the CD rack.

The monster pouch is handmade from green vinyl, and measures ~4.25 by 3 inches (10.8 by 8 cm). It’s a great size to fit all sorts of items like bills, coins, tissues, receipts, cards, mp3 players, etc.

Please note, teeth have to be on the inside for the pouch to zipper close.

Steph would like this contest open to everyone in the whole wide world!

The contest will be open to participants from 9:00 am EST Monday July 13th 2009, to Sunday July 19th at Midnight EST  The drawing will take place by random number generator by 8:00 am EST July 20th, 2009, and the results will be posted immediately.

To Enter:

Cruise over to Zom-b, then come back here and post a comment here, telling us which of Zom-b’s awesome products will help you ‘fight the masses’.

***Be sure to include your e-mail address in your post, so we have a way to contact you if you win***

Not enough, you say?  Want MORE ways to win?

For extra entries in this contest, you can:

  • “Tweet” about this contest on Twitter…(be sure to include the “@indienorth” in your tweet, so I see it).
  • Add IndieNorth to your blogroll (comment here with the link)
  • Sign up for the IndieNorth newsletter;  The Almanac (Comment here)
  • For two extra entries, blog on your own blog about this contest, including a link to this contest, and a link to Zom-b, comment here with the link to your blog.
  • For five extra entries, make a purchase from Zom-b,  and make a comment here linking back to the item purchased.

***If you are already following IndieNorth on Twitter, A fan on Facebook or a newsletter subscriber, leave a separate comment here for each saying so, and that will count as your “join” entries.  I don’t want long time followers, fans and subscribers to miss out”!***

*Please leave a separate comment for each of your entries. *

Winner will be contacted by e-mail immediately after the drawing takes place, and will have 48 hours to reply to IndieNorth with their shipping info.  If the winner does not reply to Indienorth within that time frame, a new winner will be chosen.

So, now that the rules and regs are out of the way, let the games begin!  Good luck to all entrants!

37 Responses to Win a Wicked Monster Pouch from Zom-B!

  1. Tracey says:

    I’m totally loving Midas!!!

  2. I’m totally loving Earl – but the little bird Tote is beautiful!!

  3. tweeting this contest right away – this monster pouch made me smile :)

  4. Melissa says:

    Became a Facebook fan (Melissa Dimock)

  5. Melissa says:

    And I totally love the pins:

    I need those. My kids need those.

    Heck, the *world* needs those! ;)

  6. I love this red one
    But the green one is cute too!
    I am already a fan on facebook…am I supposed to post that separately so I get so it gets counted? I want that little green guy for my business cards!

  7. oops just reread …was supposed to leave separate comment saying I am already a facebook fan LOL…so here is the separate comment :)

  8. Mandy says:

    Pick me! Pick me random-number-generator! I love the t-shirts, bags, and all other screen-printed stuff. The swirly tree of life print makes me swoon.

  9. Mandy says:

    I’m a fan on Facebook.

  10. Mandy says:

    I bought the little bird has a lot to say t-shirt, and I love it to bits.
    I keep walking up to people (mostly people I know…) and saying “isn’t this the cutest t-shirt you’ve ever seen!!?? I bought it from a girl in Toronto!”

  11. Mandy says:

    I also get your lovely newsletter.

  12. Rae says:

    I love the Little Bird (has a lot to say) print. It’s so pretty!

    Earl is also adorable beyond :P

  13. Rach W. says:

    I’ve long been a fan of zomb and I have adored her totes ever since she got them. I especially love the Little bird has a lot to say… TOTE BAG. :)

  14. Rach W. says:

    following you on twitter. :)

  15. Midas is my fave, has been since the 1st time I saw his little gold face. :)

  16. Now following you on Twitter & tweeted the contest too.

  17. Also following you on Facebook!

  18. I love Earl! I have a niece that would fight me for him if I won him! I also really love your swirly tree of life. Especially this concept:

  19. SK says:

    Kent is my favorite! Love the color. What cute products!

  20. Kaye Starr says:

    following you on twitter

  21. Kaye Starr says:

    Midas is my favorite – I like that bright yellow face.

  22. Kaye Starr says:

    just became a fan on facebook

  23. Kaye Starr says:

    just added your blog on my blog list

  24. Kaye Starr says:

    I am now a subscriber to your newsletter.

  25. loveclay says:

    following @ twitter my username is loveclay4

  26. loveclay says:

    favorite item is Gareth! adorable!

  27. loveclay says:

    FB Fan :) commented on your status update about your giveaway!

  28. Stuffbysteph says:

    The monsters pouches & birdie has a lot to say are totally adorable – but these buttons were made just for me

  29. Stuffbysteph says:

    I’m a twitter follower :)

  30. Cindy says:

    Earl is darling, but the “Little bird has a lot to say… TOTE BAG” is making my heart beat faster.


  31. Carol Oster says:

    Ok… so I love all the monsters, but this pin really made me smile:
    I always received the harshest criticisms and poorest grades for my (unique) penmanship. I still harbour a little bitterness about it.

  32. Ronna Lund says:

    Your shop is awesome, but my favorite is Gareth. I hearted your shop and am thinking I may be back to do some Christmas shopping. Your things are great for grown kids as well as teens.

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