Awesome Resource: The World’s Greenest Business Card


Check out these awesome business cards from Toronto Based company, Traffic Marketing + Design inc.

   "The idea was born at a recent 'green' networking event when someone
handed me a laminated business card," says Bernard Hellen, R.G.D. President
and Creative Director of traffic marketing + design. "What an amazing
disconnect, a 'green' company hands me a piece of plastic as their business
card. Surely if you 'talk the talk' you had better 'walk the walk'."

Wondering how much difference these business cards make?  Check this out:

Every printing will conserve the following resources:
  • 3 trees/1040 lbs of wood not used
  • 162 lbs/74 kg solid waste not created
  • 1,529 gallons/6,953 L of water not used – enough for 88 eight minute showers
  • 356 lb/161 kg greenhouse gases prevented – equivalent to carbon sequestered by 15.2 tree seedlings grown for ten years

Plus, a tree will be planted for every business card order. Tree donations will be made through Trees Ontario, a not-for-profit organization committed to the re-greening of Ontario.

Make sure you book by August 25th in order to get in on the next print run!

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