RockStar Sponsor Feature: Toronto Craft Alert


Toronto Craft Alert is an unbelievably fabulous resource for people in the GTA.  Not only a fantastic listing service for Crafty Events happening in Toronto, the Toronto Craft Alert website also hosts a wealth of information for crafters and craft lovers alike.

The Toronto Craft Alert is a community hub and online service for craft, DIY and design related activity happening locally. We serve the Toronto-area craft community by:

  • Informing readers about local designers, craft fairs, projects, exhibitions, material suppliers, and learning opportunities;
  • Supporting local makers by promoting their work, exhibitions & sales; and
  • Connecting those engaged in craft loving & making through on and offline activities as well as an online forum

Exciting new content is frequently being added to the site – stay on top of it by joining our mailing list, a weekly(ish) digest of all posts organized into categories.

There are numerous ways to keep up to date with the Toronto Craft Alert:

  1. Check the website daily
  2. Subscribe to their Feed
  3. Follow them on Twitter
  4. Become a Fan on Facebook

A big thank you to Toronto Craft Alert!  Your support of IndieNorth is very much appreciated!

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