Friday Tidbit: Vintage Treasures from Jolly Polly Pickins


Let’s do a bit of vintage today, shall we?  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these awesome Vintage Mod Orange Pedestal Bowls, found over at Jolly Polly Pickins…their colours just POP against their smooth white bases.  They’d just be so cool as a “surprise” piece on a table of white china…I can see it all ready.  (Yeah…Martha’s probably twitching in her sleep right now, but picture it.  They’d be awesome)!

From the Jolly Polly Pickins Site:

This set of 7 fabulous mod orange and white porcelain bowls are in beautiful condition. No chips, cracks or blemishes. Only one bowl has a small red mark on the inside which is a result of when it was made, not a stain from use. The pattern on all the bowls is in truly fantastic condition. Each bowl is numbered 7150 Japan on the bottom, and were probably made by Napcoware or Inarco, both of which made bowls in this style and colours. Each bowl is 3 inches tall by 4 inches across. A absolutely gorgeous mod addition to the orange lovers vintage kitchen!


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