Beautiful Handknit Babywear from Barefoot Tams


If you’re l0oking for warm and pretty little pieces for little girls, head on over to Barefoot Tams, where you’ll find a fabulous selection!  Wee hats, pretty dresses, and a nice selection of handsewn goodies too, you’re bound to find the perfect something!

  1. Red Tulip Hat:  Very cute tulip hat in red. Perfect winter accessory for your baby girl. Petals gently roll up, and has a stem and 2 leaves on the crown.
  2. Handknit Baby Vest and Hat Set:  This gorgeous pair is the perfect addition to your little girl’s wardrobe. Wear it over a long sleeve shirt for extra warmth, and extra cuteness.
  3. Orange Ribbon Knit Hat:  This beautiful infant hat is handmade and perfect for any baby girl. The white ribbon has been woven through, and the ends have been heat sealed to prevent any fraying.

2 Responses to Beautiful Handknit Babywear from Barefoot Tams

  1. The red tulip hat is simply adorable!

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