Just in time! Valentine’s Gallery

  1. Valentine Paper Treat Boxes in Pink and Brown by A Paper Buffet:  Set of 4 boxes, decorated with patterned paper, and taffeta ribbon. Boxes measure 2″x2″x1″ (width x length x depth) and are made with heavy chocolate brown cardstock; main image is stamped on vanilla cardstock.
  2. Red Love Cuff Bracelet by Verre Design:  Handcrafted large, contemporary bangle bracelet made of glass barrels in black red & white to which turquoise oriental inspiration designs & poppies were added. Strong elastic bracelet thread makes it very comfortable. Gorgeous, unique and eye catching wearable work of art.
  3. Valentine Mini Notes by Wry and Ginger:  Just like those cute little notes you used to hand out at Valentines… except for the adult themes, threats of aggression and constant reference to ‘nuts’.
  4. Tellus Pure Mineral Eye Shadow by Pure Fusion Makeup:  Stay-true colors that are easy to blend, long wearing and always looks fabulous.
    Apply eye shadows dry or apply wet for an intense pop of colour.
  5. Valentine’s Red Heart Soother Saver by Medley Designs:  A soother saver will keep your baby’s soother from falling onto unclean surfaces when he or she inevitably spits it out.
  6. Red Heart Shell Earrings Leanne Designs:  mother of pearl gorgeous red heart beads 30m x 39m  *gold plated medium kidney wires
  7. Bunny and Love Scrabble Tile Pendant by TwentySix7:  A cute image is applied to a scrabble tile then sealed in a thick layer of glass-like resin.
  8. Olivia Pink Silk Headband by Anna Shoub:  Olivia shimmers and shines. Although she is technically a headband, if you look closely you will see that she is really a hat. She is hand made from dupioni silk. She consists of a wonderful oversized rose, two large leaves and a thin metal headband that is covered in silk.
  9. Pink Valentine Hearts Soft Soled Baby Shoes by Little Jumping Beans:  These soft soled baby shoes are perfect for little growing feet! Robeez style, but without the higher price!

7 Responses to Just in time! Valentine’s Gallery

  1. Beautiful! I love the little baby slippers!

  2. Arien says:

    What a wonderful gallery of Valentine things! Simply beautiful.

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks gals! I’ve been enjoying putting together galleries again. They’re a lot more work than a normal post, but they are fun once they’re together!

  4. Diana Evans says:

    oh so pretty!!! I love Valentine’s Day!!!

    I also have some downloadable mini Valentines here…


    Happy Wednesday!!!!

  5. What a lovely surprise! You have included one of my bracelets! Thanks:)

    Love this Valentine Gallery:)

  6. Beth says:

    Oooo Diana, those are cute!!! I’ll post the link on our facebook site so no one misses them!!

    Any time Patricia! It’s a beauty!

  7. jen says:

    Hey, I know TwentySix7!!!

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