Fun gifts for your furry friends, from JewelzOdonnell

All too often our furry friends get left out around here on IndieNorth, so I’m thrilled to introduce you to a fantastic new line of pet goodies from JewelzOdonnell!  You’ll find a great selection of treats that will pamper your pet, from mats to toys.

  1. Quilted Carrier Mat with Waterproof Barrier:  My Carrier mats have a water-proof bottom layer of barrier fabric. It is durable and soft blend of 25% polyester, 75% vinyl. It does not contain DEHP, Phlalates or BPA plasticizers. It provides a water-proof barrier between the mat and the carrier. The mat will absorb moisture from “accidents” and keep it from getting all over the carrier. Plus it is anti-bacterial, and can be washed in your washer and dried in the dryer at low temperatures. I would advise drying it for about 20 minutes or so, then laying the mat flat to finish drying. This barrier fabric will not shrink and will hold up to repeated washings.
  2. Organic Catnip Toy, Pink Easter Bunny:  This bunny measures about 11 inches long from ear tips to toes. Her main body measures 6 x 4.5 inches She is made with soft pink felt and filled with Organic Catnip dried fresh from my very own garden this past summer and quilt batting.   The catnip is organically grown in my own flower beds. I do not use any herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals of any sort in my gardens. All of my plants are fertilized using my own compost that I make and is refreshed every year.
  3. Quilted Small Pet Mat:  Lovely warm quilted pet mat, just perfect for your little kitten or puppy! Just place the blanket where ever your pet prefers to sleep, and it will keep him nice and cosy for hours. Also helps keep pet hair off of your favourite furniture.

5 Responses to Fun gifts for your furry friends, from JewelzOdonnell

  1. Thank you so much for honoring me with such a lovely feature! I am so excited with my new product line of pet accessories.

    So often people look for that “special gift” for their fur babies, and want to find something that is durable, cute, yet affordable. I am so pleased that I can offer that and much more, a product that is handmade with love and care.

  2. So cute! Makes me wish they’d come in human size!

  3. mchen says:

    Woohoo, Jewelz! Lookin’ mighty fine. The bunny would be a pretty cute easter prezzie for someone’s cat, ha!

    As always: wonderful job, Beth :)

  4. Beth says:

    Jewelz, I think this direction is so fun, with so much promise! I can’t wait to see all the lovely goodies you come up with! Make sure you keep us posted!!!

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