Fabulous Kitsch from the Tipsy Time Machine!

Just look at how awesome these vintage pieces are!  I found them over at the Tipsy Time Machine, and I’m telling you, there’s tons more there for the picking!  Go check it out…you’re sure to find something that will bring a smile to your face!

  1. Nutty Tiki Nutcracker:  Mr. Big Mouth hails from the South Seas, but he’ll travel wherever nuts need cracking. Pop a nut in his mouth, twist the screw, and voila! Tasty treats. He’s kitschy, and would fit in with tiki decor.  Carved out of wood, with painted eyes and nose, and a funky yarn hairdo. Can be seperated into two parts. Stamped with “Japan”. There is a chip on his nose, otherwise in great condition.
  2. Purple Moo Cow Sippy Straw Creamer:  What sets this vintage cow creamer apart, besides the vibrant purple colour, is the 1/4″ (7mm) hole in the back of the neck to insert a straw for sipping. It’s fun to drink milk from a purple cow!  Cute retro graphic of two children with balloons on the front, the bottom of the creamer is bright red. Made by Whirley Industries in Warren, PA. Excellent Vintage Condition.
  3. Hungry Hippo Cookie Jar:  Store your treats in this quaint little hippo wearing a red banana hat. Hand painted pink and lime flowers with green leaves adorn this anthropomorphic cutie. He is a smaller cookie jar, so he won’t hog up valuable counter space.  As you can see in the photos, there is a small amount of vintage wear to the red glaze on the banana hat lid, and his gray painted teeth. No chips or cracks.

3 Responses to Fabulous Kitsch from the Tipsy Time Machine!

  1. Wow I have the Moo Cow Creamer but have never seen the purple one with the sippy straw deal-y. I got mine from my Grandma when she passed away. Brings back a lot of memories!

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  3. Beth says:

    My grandma had one too…with a brown head! Love the stuff in this shop!

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