Fabulous wall Fanciness from SurfaceFlik

I think that vinyl wall art is the coolest thing to hit the market in years…and the awesome designs over at SurfaceFlik are no exception!

  1. Grass Silhouette Decal:  The Grass Silhouette wall decal is an upwardly reaching cluster of flowers and grass ideal for creating a flowery meadow. Arrange three or four decals side by side to produce the look of a wildflower paradise on any smooth surface. Add butterflies and birds for a natural looking a sanctuary you’ll really enjoy.
  2. Butterfly Delight Wall Decals:  There are 15 butterflies in the whole pack. You get 5 different types of butterflies that you can arrange in any orientation you like. The sizes are between 6″ to 2″ in length.
  3. Anise Flower Wall Decals:  These are our new Anise Flowers wall decal. You can pick two colors and arrange the flowers in any ways you like.

2 Responses to Fabulous wall Fanciness from SurfaceFlik

  1. Oh! This would look so great in one of my walls in the living room… Going to visit Surfaceflik right now! Thanks for sharing:)

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