Great Nursery Idea from Lilbopeepsshop

Love this idea for bringing a little colour and a lot of style to an otherwise utilitarian baby accessory from Lilbopeepsshop!


Add style to your baby’s nursery with this beautiful Wipes Tub. This tub is padded with batting for a professional smooth finish and is covered with designer fabric by Micheal Miller. It is perfectly finished with green trim.

Wipes are not included.

You may have this wipes tub made in any of the fabrics you see in my shop. Please contact me and I will make you a custom order.

These tubs also work well to store a large amount of children’s crayons or markers.

Also is a great storage tub for hair clips and bows!

Makes a beautiful decorator piece in your bathroom for all your makeup too!

Makes a beautiful baby gift!”

There are also lots of coordinating items available, so make sure you check out Lilbopeepsshop

4 Responses to Great Nursery Idea from Lilbopeepsshop

  1. Mandy says:

    Cute! A much nicer gift than 500 pairs of size 0-3 months sleepers that a mum is likely to get.

    I’ll have to swing people by here the next time I hear “I want to get something for the baby…”

  2. Beth says:

    lol Mandy…I have to tell you…My son is now wearing the poncho you made for ZoĆ« before she was born! I’ll have to post some pictures!

  3. Mandy says:

    Squee! I was hoping it was still in commision. I tried to make it big. I was always bothered though that when I turned it upside down it reminded me of McDonalds fries.

    My little man is already 5 weeks old; can you believe it? Zoe will be six this year, right? Craziness!

  4. Beth says:

    5 weeks old? How is that even possible? Wow! I hope you’re settling comfortably into motherhood…those first few weeks are a doozy!

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