The Lounge of Commerce is Live(ish)!!!

Time for a bit of Shameless Self Promotion!!!

I’ve decided to “soft launch” The Lounge of Commerce!

Well, after a whole lotta fits and starts, I’m excited to say that

The Lounge of Commerce

is now up and ready to Rock!  Wooohoooooooo!

What’s The Lounge of Commerce?

Well, it’s like The Chamber of Commerce, but with better coffee and comfier chairs.

It’s a site that will help artists, crafters and other flakes awesome-ize their business…and it’s been a dream of mine for a long, long time!

See, the thing is, I get the biggest charge imaginable when I can help someone follow their passion.  You can bet I will be doing my level best to offer up useful information in a fun, non-boring, non-businessy way.

Go Check Out the Lounge of Commerce!

The pages are empty today, (but will be filled up this week) and there’s not a lot of content just yet, but never fear…there will be!

In the meantime, head on over there and sign up for newletter, and get free instant access to my new e-book: 

07 Days To Awesome:

Put Your Quirk to Work and Fashion Your Ideal Brand.

I know you’ll enjoy it!

So please, join me on my journey…

  1. Go visit The Lounge Of Commerce!
  2. Sign up for the newsletter!
  3. Introduce yourself  in the comments!

Thanks folks!

9 Responses to The Lounge of Commerce is Live(ish)!!!

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Beth, WorkCabin Eco Jobs. WorkCabin Eco Jobs said: RT @IndieNorth: The Lounge of Commerce is Live(ish)!!! Hey Everyone! Come check out the "Soft Launch"!!!! [...]

  2. It’s great. Will share with my fellow flakes!

  3. Beth says:

    Fabulous Shari, thank you! We Flakes need to stick together!!!

  4. Julie says:

    Congratulations, Beth! The site looks good, can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of us flakes!

  5. Beth says:

    Thank you Julie! Trust me…just getting the site up was a lesson in flakiness! lol

  6. Arien says:

    This is amazing stuff Beth. Fantastic work!♥

  7. Beth says:

    Thank you! I’ll be doing my best to make it as awesomely helpful as possible!

  8. jewelz says:

    This is awesome! Thank you Beth.

  9. Beth says:

    Thanks Jewelz! I really hope it helps!

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