Awesome Yarn Bown from StudioElan

I know *so many* people who would benefit from this gorgeous ceramic yarn bowl StudioElan…such a great idea!


Perfect for the knitter in your life, this yarn bowl will corral wandering yarn balls.

Thread the yarn through the hole if you are committed to the project or use the hook slot if you might want to change yarn without cutting. The hook and hole are very smooth to avoid snagging on precious fibers. The top of the bowl tapers in to prevent the ball from hopping out. The bowl is bottom heavy to keep it from wandering. And last but not least, the bottom is very smooth to protect your floors. What more could you ask for?

The exterior glaze is a luscious satin matte cream glaze that begs to be caressed. The interior is a powder blue smooth glaze. The variegated rim is glazed in spring green.

Measures approximately 6x6x4.5″ or 14x14x11cm and will hold a rather large ball of yarn or multiple small ones.

This is a stock photo. Your yarn bowl will be very similar and just as nice -I promise!


One Response to Awesome Yarn Bown from StudioElan

  1. Mandy says:

    But is it cat-proof? Beautiful! I like that the hook looks windy enough to keep the yarn tame.

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