Wearable Art and Gorgeous Paintings from Odette Makes

There are so many fabulous items available from Odette Makes that I’m not sure where to begin…I’m going to link you directly the Galleries and let you discover for yourself!

  1. Osmosis Clothing:  Odette’s Osmosis Clothing line is 100% Post consumer Upcycled clothing for children. Fabric harvested from second hand stores, washed and cut up, then made ‘new’. Most fabrics 100% cotton with synthetic embellishments, buttons, ribbons, trims etc.
  2. Odette.ca:  For a serious treat, make sure you swing by this website.  It documents 25 years worth of Odette’s paintings and they. are. fabulous!  So much colour and feeling…you have to check them out!
  3. Sweet Little Things:  “Sweet Little Things” clothing for baby and toddler featuring unique embellishments on all new 100% cotton fabrics.  Personally, I love the pop-bright colours!  So pretty and fun!

Like I said, Odette offers many fun places to peruse her work…make sure you take a boo!

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  1. So fun and unique! Thanks for sharing:)

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