Nifty-Gorgeous Puzzle Ring from NellyVanSee!

This Puzzle Ring from NellyVanSee has to be one of the coolest, prettiest pieces of jewelery I’ve ever come across.  I find them fascinating to look at, and I’d love to get my hands on one to see if I could figure out the puzzle!


Legend has it that this style of ring originated in Turkey first, so as to ensure the loyalty of a man’s wife. If she returned with no ring or a puzzled ring then that would prove she was disloyal.

If taken off it separates into to many confusing rings that prove difficult to return to their proper form, and proves to the other that the ring has been removed.

Times have changed and now the ring is not only used as a wedding band but also as a luxurious and beautiful conversation piece.

✓The ring is made of solid gold all the way through.
✓It is NOT plated and its NOT hollow.
✓These rings are handmade at our workshop in downtown Montreal, with great care and great accuracy, each of them is hand polished for that extra shine.
✓Handmade from scratch, not from ready made wire.


2 Responses to Nifty-Gorgeous Puzzle Ring from NellyVanSee!

  1. I love NellyVanSee’s creations! Always amazing:)

  2. Mandy says:

    Ooo, you can order one in platinum too! Platinum is hypoallergenic, right?

    Beautiful items!

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