What the Bleeeeeep Happened?

Otherwise entitled, “My Imagination is My Enemy”.

Once upon a time, I was working on indienorth, and just about everything was right in my world.  I loved that site, loved the people I was working with, loved the  possibility of it. Was it paying the bills?  Errrrrrr, no.  It wasn’t even paying for itself.  But I didn’t  mind so much, since it was so darn satisfying.

Fast forward a bit…I decided, in my “infinite wisdom” to migrate the site to a new host.  In my defense, I’d migrated many wordpress sites in the past.  I’d actually migrated indienorth itself at *least* once before.  But this time, something went horribly wrong.  Somewhere between host A and host B, something happened.  The database, became…corrupted.  The backup was similarly corrupted.  Obviously.  Since I backed up the corrupted database in the first place.

And I just couldn’t seem to rescue it.  And neither could any of the Geeks On High I know and love so well.

I was devastated.

And I felt like I let everyone down.

And after a while, I just let it go…sadly, and with a great deal of shame.  Shame because I thought I’d lost all those posts that were driving traffic everyone’s beautiful shops…

I felt like a flake.

And fast forward again, to today…(is your flux capacitor tuned?  ’cause we’re doing a lot of time travel here).

I’ve been working with Desiree O, on Canada Arts Connect, (Do you know Canada Arts Connect?  You should…it’s an amazing employment resource for Canadian Artists), and she had some neato ideas for her site.  I decided we’d do the work on a dead site, so we can make sure it works, before adding it to her site.  good idea, right?

And I break out my old site tools…and there’s the old indienorth site and database backups.  And on a whim, I reinstalled the site, and re-imported the database, and with just a little tinkering under the hood…There were all those beautiful posts!  And all the links and images!  The site is sort of ugly for now, since I did lose quite a few files, but those posts…they’re there!


Say what you will.  I’ll be leaving an offering of beer and cake by the usb port tonight, in gratitude to the techno fairies.

And when I popped in to twitter and to Facebook to let everyone know I was back, I was welcomed with open arms.

And nobody called me a flake.  At least to my face.  And I appreciate the immensely.

And here I was imagining that people would be angry about the hiatus.

Sometimes, I’m my own worst enemy.

So:  the moral of the story, (since there really should be one, don’t you think), is that you should never give something you love up simply because of how you *think* you’ll be perceived.  People are a lot cooler than you think.


The site will be updated again.  Maybe not*daily* but on a schedule of  sorts.


It will be pretty again.  Not right away…I have CAC stuff to take care of first.

And most importantly…

I missed you guys!  What’s new?

5 Responses to What the Bleeeeeep Happened?

  1. Julie Brown says:

    So glad to see you back, Beth. Life is good here on the Brook. Looking forward to tuning in to IndieNorth again!

  2. Elaine says:

    I’ve had a few of those moments – for similar things even! – happen and what I imagine is always far worse than what actually happens.

    So welcome back!

  3. Weezi says:

    We missed you and anyone who calls you a flake will have to answer to me and my sewing machine! ;)

    Remember my post about once it is on the internet it is there forever…??? You just had to find it :)

    This is gonna be fun!!!! xo

  4. Beth says:

    Thanks so much girls…truth is, I’m sure there’s some deep underlying sociopathic reason I let it go…but I’m askeerd of therapy, so I’m totally going to ignore that and try again! Bwa-ha-ha-hA!

    Beth…Queen of DeNile. ;)

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