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Hi there!  I am *sooooooo* happy to see you back.  I have so many cool things and features figured out for the new and improved indienorth.  You’re going to love it!  I’ll have more about the new direction in a little while.  For now, I want to share this with you, while I work on the site.  It will give you something to work on while I putter!  (If you’re just here for the free ebook, scroll on down a bit.  I won’t be hurt).  Otherwise, read on.  :)

So…once upon a time I wrote this neat little branding workbook, and handed it around to a few people to play with.  I had a lot of great feedback for it…but I never actually did anything with it beyond that.  I’m not sure why not.  Again, there’s probably some deep seated psychological issue there…fear of failure or success or something.  I dunno.  It’s irrelevant at this point.  It’s a good little workbook, dammit.

Anyway, originally I thought I’d use it to entice people to sign up for the site’s feed, or a newsletter thing, or an email list, or something…but I’ve changed my mind.  Mostly because I don’t really care if people are signed up for the feed, so long as they’re visiting the website.  And frankly…I don’t *want* a damn list.  I have inbox paralysis, and I’m sick to death of getting email after email that I *know* I signed up for, but can’t remember why.  I do not want to contribute to that for *anyone*.  And I don’t want to write a newsletter either. So all you know-it-all internet gurus can recoil in shock and go “tsk tsk” behind your hands now.  I don’t care.  I don’t want a list, I don’t want to send any more e-mail than I have to.  So there.

</end childish rant>

Ummmmmm  where was I?

Oh yeah!  The Free Ebook!

It’s called “Stunted to Stunning;  Put your quirk to work, and harness your inner flake”.  It’s a seven day workbook that will help you define, build and refine your brand.  It’s nothing too crazy.  In fact, it’s a very light hearted process, and I promise, if you follow it through, you’ll find yourself much clearer about your personal brand.

Check it out:  You can download it right here:  Stunted to Stunning (pdf). (Right clicky, save link as).

What do I want from you in exchange?

Not your money, not your email address.  Not your inbox real estate.

I just ask that if you find the ebook handy…then send other people to the site to pick it up as well.  Tweet it, post it to facebook, share it with your friends…you know.  Help get the word out.  :)

My biggest passion is to help, encourage and promote Canadian indie bizzers in any way I can.    If offering a free ebook can draw more attention to the site and the businesses I feature, than I’m allllll over it.  Let’s get the word out, okay?

2 Responses to Free Giftie from IndieNorth!

  1. Julie Brown says:

    So glad to see you back! And thank you for your generous freebie. I was one of the lucky ones who got to play with it way back when, and can vouch for its juicy goodness. I did all the exercise, but then stuff happened and I never followed through. This is a very timely reminder to get back at it. :)

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks Julie, I’m glad you found it helpful! I was happy to find it in my old files, and actually share it with everyone this time. :)

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