What’s in store…

Just another little teaser while I work behind the curtain… :)   This is a busy week for me on all kinds of levels, not the least of which is getting things in order around here to relaunch this site.  I still haven’t totally settled on a date yet…but not to worry…it’s *Soon*.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you the inner workings of my mind when it comes to the new Indienorth, just so you have an idea of what we’ll be doing around here.  In many ways, the site will remain the same, but there will be a few key differences, that may make or break the place.  I’m leaning in favour of make.  Obviously.

What will remain the same:

  1. I’ll be featuring lots of Canadian Indie businesses, giving them the opportunity to get the word out, and their sites linked.
  2. I’ll be doing Impromptu Gallery Posts.  Probably more than I used to.  Remember those?  Basically I’ll put a call out on twitter and facebook in the morning, based on a theme, and give people until noon (EST) to send me a submission.  Then I make up a post.  I’m not sure how many submissions I’ll accept per gallery…that’s something I’ll likely work out on the fly.  I LOVE impromptu galleries.  They’re so fun!!!

What I will be adding:

  1. More help for small businesses:  I actually started doing this before the site exploded…and I’d really like to expand on that.  I’d like to share more about what I know, and interview people who know more than I do about other things.  I really want IndieNorth to help small Canadian Indie Businesses.  Not just through promotion on the site, but with articles specifically geared towards improving their businesses.
  2. Workshops, ebooks, articles and Bob knows what else I can do to help grow your business.
  3. Possible “In person” workshops, locally.  I really want to do this, but I have to figure out the logistics.  Obviously these would only work for a small group of people…but if they work out the way I want them to, I *may* be able to work them on a different level in a different way.  Wow…maybe I could strive to be a bit more vague too…that would be exciting.

What I’m doing away with  (subject to change without notice, lol):

  1. Contests:  I just don’t think they do enough for the indie business.
  2. Advertising:  Except for my own stuff.  I hate selling advertising.  ‘Nuff said.  Unless something really appropriate comes along to change my mind, I don’t think I’ll be adding advertising for sale any time soon.  Again, except for my own stuff.
  3. Friends’ Gallery:  The Friends’ Gallery I *loved*.  Really, really loved.  But, it took a huge amount of time to keep it running, since I checked out every site entered personally, to make sure it was Canadian.  And appropriate for family viewing, lol.  (I’m talking to you, *cheap meds*, *cheap knockoff  brands* and *free porn* sites.  Who weren’t even Canadian).  Anyway, it took more time than I had to give, and it was becoming a burden…so off it goes.
  4. The Blog Roll:  well, I *may* revisit that decision, but again, It just got very long and unmanageable and I couldn’t think of a fair way to rotate them without again, having to keep track of everything.

So…for now, that’s about where my head is.  As always, I’m open to ideas:  feel free to drop me a line, either

by email:  beth.smith[at]indienorth.com

on twitter:  @indienorth

or on facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/indienorth


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