First up, Wabi Brook Studio!

Hey there folks!  Welcome back to IndieNorth!  In the week or two to come, please join me in saying hi to some old friends and favourites of IndieNorth.

Wabi Brook Studio

First up, we have Julie Brown and her fabulous shop, Wabi Brook Studio.  Julie is *constantly* coming out with gorgeous jewelery that manages to mix elegant design and the roughness of Ontario’s north in every piece.  It’s no secret that the Birch Sterling Silver Cuff is one of my favourite designs I’ve ever come across.

Besides her jewelery, you’ll fine Julie to be an fantastic artist, specialising in Pet Portraits that

explore those uncomplicated moments of joy that animals and nature give us – the play of light and shadow on a cat sleeping in the sun, the soulful expression in the eyes of a beloved companion, the daring curiousity displayed by a foal or lamb investigating its surroundings.

Be sure to drop by Julie’s website;, her etsy shop, Wabibrook Studio and her blog, Living and Creating by the Brook to keep up with all the fabuoous treasure Julie continues to offer!


2 Responses to First up, Wabi Brook Studio!

  1. Julie Brown says:

    So this is what you had up your sleeve! I am honored to be your first feature. It is so good to have you and Indie North back. Thanks for all you do to promote Canadian Indie businesses, Beth. We all appreciate it!

  2. Beth says:

    I’m so happy to be back, and so happy to feature your work Julie! Thank you!

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