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Rich and Sinful Lotion from Bovine Bubbles

I don’t even think you can call something this decadent a “lotion”.  It’s definitely a buttercream.  Strawberry Buttercream.  Chocolate Strawberry Buttercream with Cocoabutter Sprinkles.  I don’t think my winter-ravaged skin has ever needed anything so badly in it’s life!  Oh Bovine Bubbles, what you do to me!


“Bovine Bakery Chocolate Strawberry Buttercream is a delicatably rich & creamy, oh so lavish body cream that will keep your skin baby soft & moisturized, not to mention sweetly scented. Contains pure strawberry extract which is rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C, protects the skin, and contains soothing properties. With cocoa butter “sprinkles”. Mouthwatering strawberry scent. 2 oz jar”


Just in time! Valentine’s Gallery

  1. Valentine Paper Treat Boxes in Pink and Brown by A Paper Buffet:  Set of 4 boxes, decorated with patterned paper, and taffeta ribbon. Boxes measure 2″x2″x1″ (width x length x depth) and are made with heavy chocolate brown cardstock; main image is stamped on vanilla cardstock.
  2. Red Love Cuff Bracelet by Verre Design:  Handcrafted large, contemporary bangle bracelet made of glass barrels in black red & white to which turquoise oriental inspiration designs & poppies were added. Strong elastic bracelet thread makes it very comfortable. Gorgeous, unique and eye catching wearable work of art.
  3. Valentine Mini Notes by Wry and Ginger:  Just like those cute little notes you used to hand out at Valentines… except for the adult themes, threats of aggression and constant reference to ‘nuts’.
  4. Tellus Pure Mineral Eye Shadow by Pure Fusion Makeup:  Stay-true colors that are easy to blend, long wearing and always looks fabulous.
    Apply eye shadows dry or apply wet for an intense pop of colour.
  5. Valentine’s Red Heart Soother Saver by Medley Designs:  A soother saver will keep your baby’s soother from falling onto unclean surfaces when he or she inevitably spits it out.
  6. Red Heart Shell Earrings Leanne Designs:  mother of pearl gorgeous red heart beads 30m x 39m  *gold plated medium kidney wires
  7. Bunny and Love Scrabble Tile Pendant by TwentySix7:  A cute image is applied to a scrabble tile then sealed in a thick layer of glass-like resin.
  8. Olivia Pink Silk Headband by Anna Shoub:  Olivia shimmers and shines. Although she is technically a headband, if you look closely you will see that she is really a hat. She is hand made from dupioni silk. She consists of a wonderful oversized rose, two large leaves and a thin metal headband that is covered in silk.
  9. Pink Valentine Hearts Soft Soled Baby Shoes by Little Jumping Beans:  These soft soled baby shoes are perfect for little growing feet! Robeez style, but without the higher price!

Gentle Skincare from Belly Buttons and Babies


All mothers-to-be need to be pampered! All Belly Buttons & Babies products are made by a Certified Aromatherapist for mother and baby safety. All products are pure, natural, organic and not tested on animals!

  1. Triple Mint Leg and Foot Cream:  KICK UP YOUR HEELS with our extra creamy, Triple Mint Foot & Leg Cream and let it work overtime to soften feet.  Refreshing, invigorating and deodorizing. Made with natural ingredients to soften even the roughest skin. A fresh, rich foot cream packed with nourishing butters and oils. Formulated to soothe, cool and nourish rough and tired feet while locking in moisture and instantly gives feet and legs a lasting nourished look and feel.
  2. Soothing Nursing Cream:  Sometimes the baby may not take the area surrounding the nipple into his or her mouth when feeding but instead just suck at the nipple. Not only will this make the baby frustrated at not getting enough milk, it will make Mom’s nipples very sore. They may also crack.
  3. Anti Stretchmark Oil:  A luxurious blend of ingredients that nourish the skin while protecting against stretchmarks. Made using the mandarin and orange essential oils. The scent is sweet and mouth watering. Very refreshing and uplifts the mood to banish depression and anxiety.

Lovely Gifties from Prairie Lane Boutique


You’ll find a little bit of everything over and the Prairieland Boutique.  From pretty wall art featuring inspiring quotes, to picture holders, to gifts for the kiddos.  Drop by the shop and see all the wonderful goodies for yourself!


“My name is Dawn and I am a full time work from home Mom!  I have 2 boys ages 10 and 7, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work from home, and do what I love to do….Paint!

Much of my work is based on quotes, I love to bring them to life and touch the heart of the beholder!

I invite you to come visit my website and check out my work!”

  1. Icecream Treats Coffee WrapOur Eco-friendly Comfy Coffee Wraps take place of the ugly brown cardboard sleeves! Say goodbye to those ugly paper sleeves and hello to fashionable (& adjustable) Comfy Coffee Wraps!
  2. 20 x 20 inch Custom Picture Frame: “If you live to be one hundred years old, I want to live to be one hundred minus a day, so I never have to live one day without you.” Winnie The Pooh

    Each picture frame is a unique piece of art by Prairie Lane Boutique!

    All frames are hand cut from sturdy MDF, have routered edges and a keyhole in the back for hanging. All frames are hand painted (no stencils or vinyl used), and edges can be distressed, to create a warm aged look.

  3. Seatbelt Sleeve:  How great to be able to make a fashion statement from your passengers seat or the drivers seat!

These fashionable strap covers work for Moms as well as big kids. It fits any standard sized car seat belt.

They are very easy to attach with on the back velcro.

Products for Sustainable Living from Smallbones Shop


Smallbones Shop is a beautiful little store in Gore’s Landing, run from the home of Jane Weeks.  Specializing in beautiful handmade, eco friendly gifts, you’ll find pure beeswax candles, luxurious handmade soaps, safe and healthy oil lamps and a whole list of other fabulous earth friendly goodies to treat those you love!

The actual “Bricks and Mortar” store is open “by chance, or by appointment”, but that’s okay, because you’ll find all of the fantastic Smallbones Shop products available online, and open 24 hours a day!  So stop by the website and check it out…you’re sure to fall in love!

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