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Please Stand by…

Hoooooraaaaaay for Canada!

As most of the country is riding on an Olympic High, I thought today would be a great day to just kick back and enjoy a relaxing day!

Do you have a favourite Olympic moment you’d like to share?  A special message of pride to pass along?  Feel free to post it here!

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled goodies tomorrow!

Upcycle for a good cause with Tawny Bee!!!

I have been keeping track of Tawny’s awesome projects for Upcycle for Heart and Stroke, and I’m so excited to share them with you!  There is really something for everybody.  (How cute is “Devo the Found objects Robot”, seen in the top left corner of the picture?).  As for me, I’m really eyeballing that awesome Blossom Hat, like the one Tawny is wearing in the picture.  So fun!

Here’s T awny to tell you about “Upcycle for Heart and Stroke”

HI I’m Tawny.  I run a little business called Tawny Bee here in Winnipeg.  February is a very special month for me, and it’s not because of Valentine’s Day.

I was born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot.  When I was 3 years old, I had open heart surgery and went into complete heart block. I need a pacemaker now to keep my heart beating. Thanks to the support of my parents, family and friends and the work of the wonderful doctors in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, I am happy and healthy today at 33. And yes, I have 2 children!

I have no doubt in my mind that the research and advocacy of the Canadian Heart and Stoke Foundation has played a big role in the betterment of my life and the lives of others like me.

So now it’s time to use my talents to give back. I have come up with Project Upcycle for Heart and Stroke to coincide with Heart Month here in Canada.

- for each day in February (or as many as I can possibly handle) I will take something and “upcycle” it into something else. Afterall, I am sort of upcylced myself aren’t I? Made of a few spare parts here and there. Many of my fellow heart patients understand what I’m talking about. Many have pacemakers, shunts, new valves, even whole new hearts!
- I will put my new creation up for sale in my Etsy shop (Tawny Bee)
- Half the proceeds (minus shipping) of each product will be donated to the Heart and Stoke Foundation
- I will post a play by play of my creations on this blog and my Facebook Fanpage, so check back often!

So you might see a pair of pants turned into a lovely skirt. You might see a t-shirt turned into baby clothes. Who knows? The possibilities are endless since I’m putting my – pardon the pun – heart into it!

Welcome to IndieNorth! Introduce Yourself!

So…lately real life has been getting in the way of all my online fun, and I’ve been feeling horribly out of touch with all the awesome folks who come together to make IndieNorth what it is.  I miss you folks!!!  I think this is a fairly normal thing that happens after the Holiday season…we all start to hibernate a bit, wrap ourselves up in blankies with yummy goodies and refuse to come out until the nice weather comes back.

Well, no more!

I want to reconnect!  Leave a comment below so we can get to know you, what you do, what you love and what you’re struggling with!  Go check out the sites of your fellow Canadian Indies…there’s a lot of talent out there…lets show a little love!!!

(Don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear right away…my spam filter often holds comments for my approval.  I’ll be checking back in throughout the day and approving them as we go)!

Sorry…need a fixup day!

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