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Fabulous wall Fanciness from SurfaceFlik

I think that vinyl wall art is the coolest thing to hit the market in years…and the awesome designs over at SurfaceFlik are no exception!

  1. Grass Silhouette Decal:  The Grass Silhouette wall decal is an upwardly reaching cluster of flowers and grass ideal for creating a flowery meadow. Arrange three or four decals side by side to produce the look of a wildflower paradise on any smooth surface. Add butterflies and birds for a natural looking a sanctuary you’ll really enjoy.
  2. Butterfly Delight Wall Decals:  There are 15 butterflies in the whole pack. You get 5 different types of butterflies that you can arrange in any orientation you like. The sizes are between 6″ to 2″ in length.
  3. Anise Flower Wall Decals:  These are our new Anise Flowers wall decal. You can pick two colors and arrange the flowers in any ways you like.

Fabulous Kitsch from the Tipsy Time Machine!

Just look at how awesome these vintage pieces are!  I found them over at the Tipsy Time Machine, and I’m telling you, there’s tons more there for the picking!  Go check it out…you’re sure to find something that will bring a smile to your face!

  1. Nutty Tiki Nutcracker:  Mr. Big Mouth hails from the South Seas, but he’ll travel wherever nuts need cracking. Pop a nut in his mouth, twist the screw, and voila! Tasty treats. He’s kitschy, and would fit in with tiki decor.  Carved out of wood, with painted eyes and nose, and a funky yarn hairdo. Can be seperated into two parts. Stamped with “Japan”. There is a chip on his nose, otherwise in great condition.
  2. Purple Moo Cow Sippy Straw Creamer:  What sets this vintage cow creamer apart, besides the vibrant purple colour, is the 1/4″ (7mm) hole in the back of the neck to insert a straw for sipping. It’s fun to drink milk from a purple cow!  Cute retro graphic of two children with balloons on the front, the bottom of the creamer is bright red. Made by Whirley Industries in Warren, PA. Excellent Vintage Condition.
  3. Hungry Hippo Cookie Jar:  Store your treats in this quaint little hippo wearing a red banana hat. Hand painted pink and lime flowers with green leaves adorn this anthropomorphic cutie. He is a smaller cookie jar, so he won’t hog up valuable counter space.  As you can see in the photos, there is a small amount of vintage wear to the red glaze on the banana hat lid, and his gray painted teeth. No chips or cracks.

Friday Tidbit, Ceramic Bent Church Lantern from MudPupHouses

Isn’t this the coolest?  You’ll find a whole village of awesome lanterns over at MudPupHouses, but I just love this church…so pretty, and yet with the perfect touch of wonkiness…so cool!!

“this ceramic bent church lantern measures 5.5″ tall. It is glazed white and ochre and comes with a light and holder.”

Lovely Gifties from Prairie Lane Boutique


You’ll find a little bit of everything over and the Prairieland Boutique.  From pretty wall art featuring inspiring quotes, to picture holders, to gifts for the kiddos.  Drop by the shop and see all the wonderful goodies for yourself!


“My name is Dawn and I am a full time work from home Mom!  I have 2 boys ages 10 and 7, and I am thankful to have the opportunity to work from home, and do what I love to do….Paint!

Much of my work is based on quotes, I love to bring them to life and touch the heart of the beholder!

I invite you to come visit my website and check out my work!”

  1. Icecream Treats Coffee WrapOur Eco-friendly Comfy Coffee Wraps take place of the ugly brown cardboard sleeves! Say goodbye to those ugly paper sleeves and hello to fashionable (& adjustable) Comfy Coffee Wraps!
  2. 20 x 20 inch Custom Picture Frame: “If you live to be one hundred years old, I want to live to be one hundred minus a day, so I never have to live one day without you.” Winnie The Pooh

    Each picture frame is a unique piece of art by Prairie Lane Boutique!

    All frames are hand cut from sturdy MDF, have routered edges and a keyhole in the back for hanging. All frames are hand painted (no stencils or vinyl used), and edges can be distressed, to create a warm aged look.

  3. Seatbelt Sleeve:  How great to be able to make a fashion statement from your passengers seat or the drivers seat!

These fashionable strap covers work for Moms as well as big kids. It fits any standard sized car seat belt.

They are very easy to attach with on the back velcro.

Friday Tidbit: Vintage Treasures from Jolly Polly Pickins


Let’s do a bit of vintage today, shall we?  I cannot tell you how much I LOVE these awesome Vintage Mod Orange Pedestal Bowls, found over at Jolly Polly Pickins…their colours just POP against their smooth white bases.  They’d just be so cool as a “surprise” piece on a table of white china…I can see it all ready.  (Yeah…Martha’s probably twitching in her sleep right now, but picture it.  They’d be awesome)!

From the Jolly Polly Pickins Site:

This set of 7 fabulous mod orange and white porcelain bowls are in beautiful condition. No chips, cracks or blemishes. Only one bowl has a small red mark on the inside which is a result of when it was made, not a stain from use. The pattern on all the bowls is in truly fantastic condition. Each bowl is numbered 7150 Japan on the bottom, and were probably made by Napcoware or Inarco, both of which made bowls in this style and colours. Each bowl is 3 inches tall by 4 inches across. A absolutely gorgeous mod addition to the orange lovers vintage kitchen!


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