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Beautiful Portraits from Vanessa Day Photography!

I have been having a great time poking through the amazing portfolio of Vanessa Day…I just love the beauty and “realness” she captures with the lens!  Her testimonials are impeccable, and her bio tells the story of a woman born to photography.  If you’re in Alberta, I strongly suggest you go check out the Vanessa Day Photography website the next time you need a photographer!

***as an added bonus***

Vanessa offers free newborn sessions for babies 8 weeks or younger!

Such a beautiful way to capture the most tender moments of your newborn’s life so far!

Come see some stunning photography from Emma Love!


I always love to feature businesses who run in “The Real World” rather than online, and I have really enjoyed checking out Emma Love Photography.  Chatting with her in email has been just lovely…Emma has a fun, gentle personality that seems to shine through her photos…she really seems to be able to capture the *real* beauty in the simplest moments…I had a great time poking about her website.  Emma Love Photography is located in Rural Saskatchewan, so if you’re in that area(and yes, I know it’s a big area :) ), I encourage you to go have a peek at her work…I know you’ll love it!

As for Emma herself, when I asked her to write a blurb about her company, she sent me the “about me” blurb from her website, and then cracked me up by saying “I said it well once, so why try to change it?” lol.  I couldn’t agree more!  So here it is…all about Emma Love Photography!

“I love people.  As a photographer I cherish being invited into people’s sacred moments. My desire to capture honest, beautiful photos leads me to approach the traditional with an eye
for the serendipitous.  I lend direction to my clients only to the point of keeping a shoot well-organized and enjoyable, knowing that the best photos are often captured mid-sentence,
or mid-moment.  I strive to capture the essence and  feeling of a moment through careful attention to detail and a true love of beauty.”

Go check out her galleries…they’re just so fun!

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