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Awesome Resource: Canada Arts Connect

If you’re a Canadian artist of any stripe, and you haven’t heard of Canada Arts Connect I urge you to check out this website.  Desiree works tirelessly to bring you the most up to date listing of jobs available in the artistic community, as well as the “Pro List“…a place where you can list yourself and your talents, and be found by people looking for professionals.  Besides those incredibly helpful resources, you’ll also find lots of handy Tips and Hints, and up to date news from the Canadian Arts Community.  Here’s what Desiree O has to say about her fabulous website:

Canada Arts Connect is a site meant to connect Canadian artistic professionals with jobs, employers, and each other. The site includes jobs listings, calls for submissions, auditions, tips & hints, pro lists, and plenty of opportunities for the Canadian arts community to showcase their talent, news, and opportunities.


I’m a ‘Professional Bohemian’ myself – a writer, musician, actor, and artist. I started the site because I want others to know that it is possible to make a career out of your artistic passion. The opportunities are out there, and Canada Arts Connect can be the place to find them all. I also wanted to find a way to support the artistic professionals in the community that I love so much.

One more thing:  If you’re looking for artistic work anywhere in Canada, be sure to follow Canada Arts Connect on Twitter, where you’ll receive tons of updates from the job front. 

Thank you so much, Desiree, for all you do for Canadian Artists!


Resources for Canadian Indie-Businesses

Good Morning!  since I have to set up a resources section on IndieNorth anyway, I thought it might be handy to do an entire post of websites that can help you get your business off the ground if you’re starting out, or help get your business growing once you’ve started!

Government Resources:

Government Resources for Specific Audiences:


Professional Website and Corporate Branding Services:

  • Bateman Design Group - Bateman Design Group is a woman owned  design company based out of Barrie Ontario

Informational Websites and Blogs:

Online Venues:

  • iCraft – Canadian Handmade Selle”s Site
  • Etsy - International Handmade Sellers’ Site
  • Artfire - International Handmade Sellers’ Dite
  • Indyish – a Network of Independent Artists working in music, film, fashion, fine arts, and publishing.
  • LipsitkindieLipStik Indie Reviews is all about Indie Artists. If you are a singer, band, spoken word artist, comic book creator, writer (from zines to novels), have an ezine or online DIY store, you should be reviewed by us.

All Around Awesome Handmade Community:

Know of a resource that isn’t here?  Do you provide resources for Canadian Small businesses?  Please drop me a line, and I’ll add you to our Canadian Small Business Resources Directory!  beth@indienorth .com

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