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Weezi:  Retro Inspired Handmade Clothing, Aprons and More! Next up on our Welcome Back to Blogging Canadian Tour, is the cutest shop ever, run by the most fabulous proprietor.  Let me introduce More »


First up, Wabi Brook Studio!

Hey there folks!  Welcome back to IndieNorth!  In the week or two to come, please join me in saying hi to some old friends and favourites of IndieNorth. More »


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Just another little teaser while I work behind the curtain…   This is a busy week for me on all kinds of levels, not the least of which is getting things in More »


Free Giftie from IndieNorth!

Hi there!  I am *sooooooo* happy to see you back.  I have so many cool things and features figured out for the new and improved indienorth.  You’re going to love it!  I’ll More »


What the Bleeeeeep Happened?

Otherwise entitled, “My Imagination is My Enemy”. Once upon a time, I was working on indienorth, and just about everything was right in my world.  I loved that site, loved the people More »

Nifty-Gorgeous Puzzle Ring from NellyVanSee!

This Puzzle Ring from NellyVanSee has to be one of the coolest, prettiest pieces of jewelery I’ve ever come across.  I find them fascinating to look at, and I’d love to get my hands on one to see if I could figure out the puzzle!


Legend has it that this style of ring originated in Turkey first, so as to ensure the loyalty of a man’s wife. If she returned with no ring or a puzzled ring then that would prove she was disloyal.

If taken off it separates into to many confusing rings that prove difficult to return to their proper form, and proves to the other that the ring has been removed.

Times have changed and now the ring is not only used as a wedding band but also as a luxurious and beautiful conversation piece.

✓The ring is made of solid gold all the way through.
✓It is NOT plated and its NOT hollow.
✓These rings are handmade at our workshop in downtown Montreal, with great care and great accuracy, each of them is hand polished for that extra shine.
✓Handmade from scratch, not from ready made wire.


Wearable Art and Gorgeous Paintings from Odette Makes

There are so many fabulous items available from Odette Makes that I’m not sure where to begin…I’m going to link you directly the Galleries and let you discover for yourself!

  1. Osmosis Clothing:  Odette’s Osmosis Clothing line is 100% Post consumer Upcycled clothing for children. Fabric harvested from second hand stores, washed and cut up, then made ‘new’. Most fabrics 100% cotton with synthetic embellishments, buttons, ribbons, trims etc.
  2. Odette.ca:  For a serious treat, make sure you swing by this website.  It documents 25 years worth of Odette’s paintings and they. are. fabulous!  So much colour and feeling…you have to check them out!
  3. Sweet Little Things:  “Sweet Little Things” clothing for baby and toddler featuring unique embellishments on all new 100% cotton fabrics.  Personally, I love the pop-bright colours!  So pretty and fun!

Like I said, Odette offers many fun places to peruse her work…make sure you take a boo!

Fabulous Patterns from Leila & Ben

Oooo…how sweet are all the fabulous sewing and crocheting patterns over at Leila & Ben?  Made with the beginner in mind, all patterns are created with clear instructions and step by steps instructions to walk your through your complete project.  Go check out Leila & Ben and take a peek at all the fun patterns there!

Beautiful Reclaimed & Vintage Jewelery from BuenoStyle!

I am just loving all the beautiful pieces over at BuenoStyle!  Especially the Patina Bees and Flower Earrings!  Such fresh colours for Spring!

  1. Patina Bees and Flower Earrings:  These lovely vintage bee charms have been hand painted with a green patina faux finish, making them look like they’ve been left out in the secret garden for years. Or something.   I’ve paired them with vintage round “ivory” beads which have a floral decal on them. Bees & flowers. Get it?  Fantastic, fancy and fun, these earrings are sure to be eye catching, maybe even a conversation starter.  Hung on new, high quality gold filled ear wires. Perfect for those with with sensitive ears. Just under 2.5″ long.
  2. Vintage Canadian Penny Necklace:  As featured in the Vancouver Sun newspaper recently during the Olympics!  An authentic vintage Canadian penny coin! I found a selection of these in an antique coin dealership. I’ve scrubbed them clean, then hand drilled them to create each unique pendant necklace.   Canadian penny coins used to be much larger – about the size of a “loonie” coin nowadays (exactly 25.4 mm).  These specific coins were minted from 1911 – 1920 and feature a wreath and date design on one side, and a bust of King George V on the reverse.  This coin is from 1917. If you have a specific year you prefer, let me know and I can see if I have it. But I only have these large coins in years from 1898 to about 1920.  I’ve added a fancy brass bail and a vintage, hand aged maple leaf charm. The chain is new, nickel free and hand aged to match the lovely patina of the vintage coin. It’s a very long, pendant style necklace… aprox 34″ long. Let me know if you prefer a shorter length.
  3. Mixed Metal Filigree Earrings:  These lovely statement earrings feature both vintage gold-plated and vintage silver-plated filigrees mixed together. I’ve nicknamed them “fanfare”  Mixed metal is a really hot look – you don’t have to choose between “gold” tones or “silver” tones anymore – mix it up!  These earrings feature an abundance of vintage “turned paddle” filigrees. The paddles are curved, giving these earrings depth and distinction.  The vintage filigrees come from a third generation owned vintage bead warehouse that ordered these findings from American factories. These factories are no longer in business and the filigrees could be as old as the 1920′s, but I don’t know for sure.   They come on high quality gold-filled ear wires, perfect for those ladies with sensitive ears. Total length is about 2.25″ long and width at the bottom is about 1.25″ wide.  You will get a brand new pair – not the ones I am wearing in the photo (those babies are MINE!)  You will receive a new, never been worn pair, so don’t be icked out by the photo of me wearing my pair.

Beautiful Portraits from Vanessa Day Photography!

I have been having a great time poking through the amazing portfolio of Vanessa Day…I just love the beauty and “realness” she captures with the lens!  Her testimonials are impeccable, and her bio tells the story of a woman born to photography.  If you’re in Alberta, I strongly suggest you go check out the Vanessa Day Photography website the next time you need a photographer!

***as an added bonus***

Vanessa offers free newborn sessions for babies 8 weeks or younger!

Such a beautiful way to capture the most tender moments of your newborn’s life so far!

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